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About Zoom Sportz


Our Founder

Zoom Sportz was established by 12 year old Matt Kirby. The inspiration to begin his own clothing line began while watching an episode of Steve Harvey with his mother.He was inspired by a young man on the show who created a bowtie line at a very young age.  Within six months the concept became a reality, but not without a lot of planning and hard work along the way. Matt's former basketball trainer, mom, and brother brainstormed to come up with the name Zoom Sportz. Matt is as fast as lightning on the basketball court and the soccer field. His speed played a huge role in naming the clothing line Zoom Sportz with a Z. Matt has always liked nice things and having money so starting a business was perfect for him. He began promoting his brand on social media and word of mouth. Zoom Sportz has a variety of merchandise that includes hats, shirts, hoodies, jackets, socks, headbands, arm sleeves, toboggans, tank tops,
bibs, and sweat suits. This is only the beginning for Matt Kirby, as he has dreams of creating a shoe brand in the near future. Matt plans to continue expanding his business for years to come. Matt lives by the quote “You can excel at everything you do, it doesn’t have to be just sports.” Matt is an exceptional scholar also.

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